Titans Humiliate Browns on the Road 43-13

The Browns had a lot of hype heading into this season. Unfortunately for them, hype is only an illusion. You still have to play football.

Cleveland was a complete dumpster fire on Sunday against the Tennessee Titans. The team committed a grand total of 18 penalties. Enough to drive any coach into madness. As a team, the Browns played sloppy, undisciplined, and selfish football.

Starting LT Greg Robinson was ejected from the game for kicking a player in the head, Myles Garrett was hit with a flag for slapping his hand across another players helmet. The team then had a couple roughing the passer calls as well. All of which result in selfish football.

It was embarrassing and unacceptable at the NFL level.

The play calling was also less than desirable, going deep on 3rd and 1 and the Defense giving receivers too much space to make plays. It’s hard to win whenever you do make a play, its called back via a holding penalty which we saw happen many times.

There’s so much more we could go over here, Baker Mayfield threw three 4th Quarter interceptions, although you could chalk that up to trying to get his team back into the game, regardless, he threw three interceptions late into the game.

The Browns play two Primetime games coming up, next week against the Jets on Monday Night Football then against the Rams on the following week on Sunday Night Football. Cleveland has a lot to work on or else they are about to get further embarrassed on the national stage.

Picture Credit- Erik Drost- Flickr

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