Is Jadeveon Clowney On The Trade Block?

It’s hard to believe that this question even needs to be asked. Premier Pass Rushers in the NFL are like gold, and once you strike gold, you hold onto it. Despite having a slow start to his career, Clowney has stepped up his game averaging nine sacks in his last two seasons.

Nine sacks is solid, but it certainly isn’t elite. Clowney ranked 24th in the league in sacks during the 2018 season. The most sacks the young stud has registered in one year is 9.5 in 2017. So maybe the Texans only found silver with their former number one overall pick.

According to a Tweet by Chris Wesseling, Clowney could be on the move if a team steps up via trade.

“I’m told there is nothing on the verge of percolating but something could happen quickly if a team steps up and gives the Texans what they want” — @MikeGarafolo on Clowney

🎥:— Chris Wesseling (@ChrisWesseling) August 13, 2019

The Texans star might not have the sack numbers held by players like Aaron Donald, Myles Garrett, or even Bradley Chubb but his value is still strong on the trade block. He’s only 26 years old, that’s a lot of football left to be played for a guy who has arguably not entered his prime yet.

The real question is if a team is willing to give the Texans what they want. When you look at what Khalil Mack went for, it’s responsible to believe that Houston would be seeking at least a 1st round pick and most likely a player.

With both sides at a standstill, it’s currently a waiting game to see which side makes the first move.

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