Ranking Every NFL Starting Quarterback. Mahomes Misses Top 5

Opinions are still a thing in 2019….. Right?

I have personally ranked every starting NFL Quarterback in the league starting at #1, with a very familiar name.

1.Tom Brady

Is this even an argument anymore? The guy doesn’t know how to lose (for the most part). As tired as we might be seeing Brady go to Superbowl after Superbowl, you have to respect greatness. He is the G.O.A.T.

2.Drew Brees

The newest NFL’s All-Time Passing Yard Leader broke the record just last year, and still has a season or two left in him. Brees makes minimal mistakes, is a motivating leader, and has been unbelievably consistent throughout his career. This man needs one more ring to be in the “Greatest Quarterbacks of All Time” conversation.

3. Aaron Rodgers

I am from Michigan, and I see this man tear up the Lions year after year. That isn’t saying much though, but as I have heard from a friend of mine, “We aren’t afraid of the Packers, we are afraid of Aaron Rodgers.” Rodgers is in the same conversation with Brees, where achieving one more ring will do them more justice.

4. Russell Wilson

Wilson has been in the league for a few seasons now, with that is a high level of trust in his consistency. He is a great leader for the team being one of the only original heartbeats left from The Legion of Boom days. This kid is smart, he can move, and we don’t see him making many mistakes.

5. Ben Roethlisberger

Alright, let’s talk about Big Ben. Is he the reason why everyone wants to get out of Pittsburg? Is his personality too much? I am not sure what the answer is to these questions are, but I do know that this guy has been a heck of a player in just about every season he has spent in the NFL. He is a Future Hall of Famer, and can still put up big numbers year after year.

6. Matt Ryan

Matt Ryan is a stud, but that doesn’t seem to be talked about in too many conversations about the “Great” Quarterbacks in the NFL. He may not put up MVP numbers every year, but he gets close every season. Keep an eye on the Falcons this year.

7. Andrew Luck

Andrew Luck could be even higher on the list if he could stay healthy. The Colts did an excellent job filling Peyton Manning’s shoes, Luck has to avoid the injury bug. He has been sacked a lot in the past few seasons, so once we see on the field evidence that the Colts Offensive Line has been improved, we could be talking about Andrew Luck in the MVP discussions.

8. Cam Newton

Super Cam didn’t do so hot last season, but you have to admit, this guy is a heck of an athlete. Cam could be successful at just about any position in the NFL only from his sheer talent and size. It seemed like something was holding Cam back last season, and we were told what that something was when Newton underwent surgery for his shoulder. A healthy Cam is a force to be reckoned with, as he proved in the 2015 season with his first league MVP.

9. Phillip Rivers

Rivers wants to win a Superbowl ring, and he showed it by throwing 25 completed passes in a row. He plays with contagious passion. He may not have many years left in him, but he also has a great team to work with this upcoming season. Here’s hoping Rivers can finally get over that “Brady Hump.”

10. Patrick Mahomes

Finally, here he is. The guy that all NFL “Experts” seem to drool about on a consistent basis. Do not get me wrong; Mahomes is a freak. However, I never buy into the hype behind a player UNTIL he shows some consistency. Mahomes could very well be the real deal, but he needs to prove it throughout more than one season. Once he does that, he’ll quickly move up this list.

11. Derek Carr

Uh-Oh. I can hear your eyebrows rising as I write this man’s name. I should start with his stats from last season, while he was on an awful team. How does a completion percentage of 68.9% along with 4,049 yards sound (both career best) to you? Not bad for a guy that had his number one option (Amari Cooper) traded away, a washed up Jordy Nelson, and Jared Cook as his top “go to” guy. Now, he has one of the best receivers in the NFL on his team in Antonio Brown, a formidable rotation at running back, and has a defense that has potential to not be awful.

12. Desean Watson

This guy is entertaining to watch on Sundays. It’s a bummer he got hurt when he did during his rookie season because he had the real potential to break many NFL Rookie Records. However, Watson bounced back nicely, he can extend plays with his legs, and anytime he tosses the ball to DeAndre Hopkins it’s got a chance to be a big play.

13. Matthew Stafford

Ah, Mr. Stafford. I remember when my Lions drafted you oh so many years ago. Stafford has brought the fan base many tears and cheers over the years, cheers including eight comeback wins in one season (An NFL record). Matthew Stafford isn’t the main problem, though, but what is? The Lions seemingly have the talent on paper; the issue is, it never translates into wins.

14. Jarod Goff

Goff has improved in every season he has played so far; he has a lot of potential to move up the list and become a top 10 talent someday, maybe even top 5. However, with the incredible offense and defense, he had last season, I wonder how much of his success is from him as a Quarterback, and how much of his success is because of his stellar supporting cast.

15. Dak Presscot

I’ve never been too impressed with Dak, but he is a good Quarterback. He can get the job done, but I don’t see him as the game changer on that offense (the monster in the backfield demands too much attention). Is Dak awful? No. Is he great? No. He’s just in the middle. Ranking him at #15 fits ever-so-perfectly.

16. Baker Mayfield

I view Mayfield the same way as I view Mahomes; prove to me you aren’t just lightning in the bottle. Mayfield could be the real deal, but he has been in the league for one year, and sophomore slumps are a real thing. We need to give him time to quite possibly let you down because he just might.

17. Carson Wentz

It breaks my heart that Wentz can walk down the sideline and still injure something. We have seen some fantastic plays out of this guy, but he can’t stay healthy, and that is why I have him at 17th. It’s just too much to rely on him for how frequently he gets injured.

18. Andy Dalton

I want Dalton to be higher because we have seen him play some great football. He led his team to the Playoffs for many different seasons; the problem is they couldn’t win when they got there. Still, better to make it to the Playoffs than miss them complete right?

19. Kirk Cousins

I liked Cousins when he was with the Redskins, but I wasn’t too sure if he was made of “starter material.” So far, he hasn’t proven himself with the Vikings. It’s unclear what Cousins does well in the NFL; perhaps one could make a case for his football IQ. This upcoming season may be his make it or break year, so we shall see how he performs.

20. Marcus Mariota

Mariota isn’t a memorable Quarterback; he doesn’t do anything special, per se, but at the same time doesn’t do anything particularly horrible. He has a set of legs on him that can pick up some first downs, but his arm game is easily forgettable.

21. Lamar Jackson

I grew up watching the University of Michigan’s football team, and Lamar Jackson reminds me of Denard Robinson. For while, Robinson was considered a freak of an athlete and was a difficult Quarterback to stop… but later on in his collegiate career he switched to Running Back, because that is what he really was. If Lamar Jackson doesn’t improve with his accuracy, he could very well go down the same path.

22. Eli Manning

Gosh, I really dislike how Eli has gotten so much hate lately. He isn’t anywhere close to one of the best Quarterbacks in the league (hence the 22nd spot) but I don’t see him performing as bad as people says he is. But, he has fallen off the wagon pretty hard in the past couple of years so hopefully as his career comes to a close he will be able to finish things up on a high note.

23. Joe Flacco

Five or so seasons ago, I would have had both Eli and Flacco in the top 15, maybe even top 10. Flacco, like Eli, has faded into nothing at this point of their careers. Flacco has a fresh start with the Broncos, and that office has a chance to do something this year if the former Superbowl Champion can bounce back to his glory days.

24. Nick Foles

I don’t buy the hype behind this guy just because he has had a few good games. There is a reason why Foles bounced around from team to team for awhile before he was a Superbowl MVP. I hope Foles proves me wrong, but he just may be the biggest lightning in a bottle player that we have seen in awhile.

25. Jimmy Garoppolo

Jimmy Garoppolo, at this point in his career, is the most overrated Quarterback in the NFL. I say this respectfully as the man does have potential. However, being the back-up to Tom Brady does have its advantages. The 49ers took a risk by paying Garoppolo assumingly more than he has shown he is worth. The Texans did something very similar with Brock Osweiler. Unfortunately for Houston, that didn’t work out. Perhaps, it will be different in San Francisco.

26. Mitchel Trubisky

Trubisky turned on the jets in 2018 and had the best season of his young career. This makes me hesitant to rank him so low on this list. If he continues to improve this year, and maybe even leads the Bears to an NFC Championship game, it would sell me more than I am right now.

27. Jameis Winston

With all of the other players mentioned up to this point, we have seen some flashes here and there that could make someone think positive things about them. What has Winston done exactly? He certainly has the talent to do well in this league, but his off the field activities and work ethic are very questionable. Maybe Bruce Arians can help this kid’s career out, but Winston could start to fade from our memory pretty quickly if he doesn’t get something going.

28. Josh Allen

Josh Allen is merely a question mark to me for the time being. I see a young man thrown into a starting role in one of the most difficult positions to play in sports, and Allen handled his role the way we expect rookies to handle it. It wasn’t pretty on every down, but he showed us there is something there. Allen has a cannon for an arm and is fun to watch scramble around. (Plus he single-handedly carried my fantasy team in the Championship game).

29. Sam Darnold

I didn’t see Darnold do anything too exciting last season. He has the potential to have a successful career with the Jets, but I don’t see any athletic abilities that make him stick out. With a sub-par season and just ok numbers, Darnold has a lot to prove in his next couple of seasons.

30. Dwayne Haskins

Dwayne Haskins had a sensational career at Ohio State, but the competitional differences between College and the Pros are astronomical. Haskins is a raw talent that has a lot to prove at the next level.

31. Kyler Murray

Players of his size rarely succeed in the NFL. You can point out players like Drew Brees and Russell Wilson, but these guys are outliers. Murray’s athleticism in college left a lot to be desired and he will need to learn how to maneuver an NFL pocket.

32. Ryan Fitzpatrick

Ryan Fitzpatrick to the Websters Dictionary’s Definition of “inconsistent”. Fitzpatrick has looked borderline elite in a handful of game. However, he has also looked like a career backup in others. “Fitzmagic” is perfect if you need a guy to step in for a game or two, but if you’re looking for a 16 game starter, I’d look elsewhere.

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