Hopes for Madden 20

Madden is one of those things that I have a love/hate relationship with. I love dropping back and having an awesome air attack, scrambling out of the pocket with the QB and picking up yards on a play that seemed to be doomed, and seeing a hole open up as I hand the ball off to a running back with blazing speed. But. I HATE how some back up left outside linebacker makes a one handed Odell Beckham Jr. play after play while the REAL OBJ on my offense can’t hold on to a ball during any form of contact (even if it’s just a lil love tap). I hate how we don’t have as many options as we used to have in previous Maddens, and I hate how the same 6 fans are just copied and pasted thousands upon thousands of times just to make it look like a stadium is full. But that being said…. I still get the newest Madden every year and I plan on doing that for many years to come. As much as this game infuriates me, I just can’t let go of the game for too long. It’s been a big reason why I love football the way that I do, it’s helped me understand the game as a whole, and I have learned about countless players through playing this game for as long as I have.

BUT. MADDEN IS NOT PERFECT. Here is a list of things that I HOPE to see in Madden 20, and issues I HOPE will be addressed as well.

More realistic reactions from the announcers.

Brandon Gaudin and Charles Davis actually do a good job providing commentary during games in my opinion. But I really would like to see a bit more of reaction from these guys after I score my second 99 yard rushing touchdown in one game with Todd Gurley. Sometimes they seem kind of excited over big plays like this and other times they seriously have no reaction after an amazing catch. I also would like to hear about more news that happened outside of the game like free agent signings, deal negotiations , trades, and things like that nature. I know they do this a bit now, but if I turn off the salary cap and sign a 57 overall receiver to a 7 year 200 million dollar contract and never plays a down, I want them to roast me. Hopefully we will see some more details in this department, and just a tad more excitement over a big play than “Brandon, I wonder if he took ballet classes?”

Balanced Gameplay

Let’s have more big plays when I am on offense and defense, but also let the CPU have big plays as well. The CPU might want to make a sweet Toe Tap Tony catch in the back of the endzone, and I am totally fine with that. Just let my team make plays like that as well… And vice versa.

Also, please make the offensive line block a bit better. I play a lot of franchise mode with fantasy draft on and I draft a lot of 90 something over all O-Linemen, and I still get sacked 12 times in a game against a team that is 30th in the league in sacks. And on the flip slide, when I am playing defense and I am getting blocked, when I press the button above my players head and it says PERFECT in green letters, LET HIM SHED THE BLOCK. Don’t tell me how great of a job I did while my player proceeds to get pancaked into the ground.

By the way, I know injuries are a big part of the game. But they need to tone it down a bit. I am tired of loosing my starting QB, backup, and third stringer in one game WITH THE SAME INJURY.

Quarterback and Wide Receiver Gameplay


I know we like the whole realism Madden tries to incorporate in football games, but one thing that is a bit much is how the QB always continues to throw the ball after he passes the line of scrimmage. We don’t have peripherals in the game like we would in a real life game, so it isn’t as easy to tell where the line scrimmage is during some plays. As soon as the QB passes the line of scrimmage, let they keep running. Don’t let them be past the line by three yards and then have him throw to X when I was trying to dive for the first down. Speaking of that….

Let the quarterback spin, juke, and dive while behind the line of scrimmage. If I could juke while dropping back to pass, I could avoid a lot more sacks. If I could dive for the endzone while still behind the line of scrimmage, I wouldn’t get stuffed so many times. All that would need to happen is as soon as a button is pressed behind the line of scrimmage during a passing play (left trigger for example) those buttons no longer are “passing to that receiver option” and turn into normal ball carrier buttons.

The CPU is really bad at managing the clock sometimes. Calling a time out to get the ball back when there is literally 0 chance they could win the game, is just making the game unnecessarily longer.

Also…. Please get my players to the line faster. Especially if time is running out to win the game and I have 0 time outs left.

Defense Adjusting to Offensive Audibles

In older Maddens, if you got up to the line of scrimmage and saw that the Defense was in a formation that would not work well with the Offensive play you just choose you could audible to a new play, but the entire formation would change. Now, Madden gives you audibles based off of the formation your team is already in with little to no movement when you switch to a new play. So tell me why when you go to the line of scrimmage, you switch from a passing play to a running play and literally NO ONE on your team moves, the defense immediately moves into a blitz and pinches their D-Line? And if you switch back to a pass play they just go back to their original formation? Do these guys have some intense way of studying film or something? If my offense formation doesn’t change during an audible, I don’t think the defense formation should change either.

Icing the kicker in the NFL in real life can be very effective. And I appreciate how EA is making it harder for us to kick field goals when the other team tries to ice us. However, by making the kicking meter disappear completely it is like putting a paper bag over the kicker’s head, you are just hoping to stop at the right time. Tad unrealistic.

Customize “Only” Options

I don’t like to play defense that much, I guess I am just terrible at it. So I just hit “Offense Only” on franchise mode and only play the game when my offense has the ball. But by doing this, the game just skips punt and kick off returns. I really enjoying returning the ball, so I think it would be cool to have a custom “Only” option, where you could choose what sections of the game you want to play.


Again, I understand that this is apart of the game of football. But I just don’t know how my quarterback fumbles the ball as much as he does. Whether he is in the pocket and getting sacked, running for a first down, or with ANY position as soon as you dive and get hit there is a 110% that player will fumble the ball. Let’s have teams in Madden get that one thing high schools have with the noodle arms and they run through them to teach them how to hold on to the ball better, because my franchise teams could sure use them.

Also, if a fumble happens, that is totally fine. BUT PLEASE MAKE THE RECOVERY PROCESS BETTER. I have seen SAFETIES THAT WERE IN COVER TWO run from that on the spot of the field all the way to where the QB was sacked and recover a fumble.


I was pretty excited that Madden 19 allowed for touchdown and sack celebrations. However, they have just about 5 different celebrations and they become very repetitive and boring incredibly fast. Perhaps add a bit more moves?

Also, the CPU will celebrate no matter what, even if they are loosing by 40 points. I don’t remember Peyton Manning doing back-flips when he threw the only touchdown for Denver in the super bowl against Seattle. Maybe because they lost the game 43-8?

This list is getting pretty long at this point, and honestly I could keep going for a long time. But for the sake of time, allow me to rapid fire some ideas.

Kickers and punters should be able to throw the ball a bit better than a 6 year old on fake punts and kicks.

When I hit “update roster” please actually update the rosters

Give me more time when my team is in goal line formation and for some reason play action in Madden 19 NEVER works for me. The defense just not bite on anything anymore.

Aggressive catches are a great addition, but it doesn’t always make the receiver actually attempt an aggressive catch. It’s fine if they don’t haul it in, but at least give em a chance.

Ever have those times where you have a sick juke on someone, like literally snap their ankles in two, but your shoelace was out of bounds and you are down? Same. Hundreds of times. Not a fan.

I may be bias on this point, but Golly the music in Madden 19 was the worse by far.

Allow the offense to catch tipped balls as well. It seems like Madden will fine the entire offense if anyone but a defensive player catches a tipped ball.

I consistently get stopped at the 3, 2, 1 yard line. So a cool 67 yard rushing touchdown turns into a 1 inch QB sneak. No Thanks

I desperately want to make a cool pylon play like Reggie Bush, where the player dives out of bounds but reaches back and taps the pylon. But that never happens in Madden. If I dive straight out of bounds, I loose yardage, the player fumbles the ball, he then gets injured, and the announcers shout “wHeRe iN tHe wOrLd iS tHiS pLaY gOin’???????”

Okay, let me do one more long point. Allow a player to get back up if they are tackled on another player.

You know exactly what I mean. You get tackled, the ball carrier lands on another player but isn’t down, but he just lays there. Just chillen there, lookin at the sky, waiting for someone to down him. LET HIM STAND UP AND TAKE IT TO THE HOUSE.

And this happens wayyyyyy too much for me

If a player fumbles a ball or drops a pass, and they are laying on the groun with the ball magically balancing on their chest, please, allow the play to cover the ball with their arm…. It really isn’t that hard to place your hand on top of the ball.

Also, how cool would it be to have a mode in Franchise to where you could be in different eras? Like say you could choose the year 1985, and you could draft someone like Jerry Riche in the fantasy draft? And since we know who is eligible for draft the next season, we could draft players for our teams as rookies, knowing that they are hall of fame players. This would be a fun way to play with legends as they go throughout their years of the NFL, and also could really test our knowledge on the NFL as a whole.

Ok. Back to baby points

Fix the trade system in Franchise mode. If I send you Mahomes, Julio Jones, and Zeke Elliot I expect you to give me your 7th round draft pick.

Allow bigger names it hit free agency in their prime. I am tired of scooping up guys like Antonio brown when they are 39 years old and can barely run in a straight line.

The news section used to be right next to the “Play Game” button in franchise mode. Now I have to go searching for it to see what experts say about my awful trade on their Twitter handles. Make the news easier to find.

Quarterbacks miss way too many wide open passes in games.

Allow users to strip more when going for a tackle

Make “user” tipped catches easier

When does hurdling work in Madden 19?

More realistic catches when it should be something simple. One handed catches are cool and all, but it’s this game’s terrible engine that makes a third string catch the ball with one hand when they are trying to use two hands.

The “screen shots” we see in Franchise mode are really cool. However, please update them. I don’t need to see my back up fullback trucking somebody from week 2 of the 2019 season all the way to week 17 of the 2020 season.

Anybody remember superstar mode? That would be neat to have back

Ultimate team is a beast within itself. So just a few things I hope change.

Online in Madden Ultimate Team (i.e playing with a friend against the CPU) is wayyyyy too difficult. My buddy and I just can’t beat a team on rookie mode, despite have a 92 overall team.

Either lower the prices in Ultimate Team when we want to purchase something, or allow us to get higher rewards out of challenges. I am just not interested in winning 100 coins when a decent player is 100,000 coins.

Well….. There ya have it. Those are some of the hopes I have for Madden 20. Do I think all of these things will actually happen? Absolutely not. That is why the title of this article is HOPES for Madden 20. But even if none of these things happen and Madden 20 somehow gets worse than its predecessor, there is still no doubt in my mind that I will still get this game. I am already in too deep with this franchise and that is okay because I still have a ton of fun with the game. I just wish the dang receivers would qUiT rUnNiNg oUt oF bOuNdS wHen nO oNe iS tOuChInG tHeM.

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